Angelic Packaging(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is the largest and most professional wooden crating/pallets manufacturer in Eastern China. To be awarded 46 patents issued by the state Patent Office. In the past eight years, the government has conferred the title of enterprise "Packaging Association Enterprise" and "Vice President of Packaging Association".

    Angelic Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. In 2001, after shares restructuring, company changed its name to "Suzhou City Angelic Packaging Co., Ltd.". Owned by Hong Kong in 2004, the company changed its name to Angelic packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.. In March 2017, the shareholding system completed and the company was changed to Angelic Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.. In July 2017, it landed "new third board" (stock code 871696).

    We are specialized in wood products, large equipment design and manufacture of wood (iron), dangerous goods packaging wood packaging, large equipment container, shift, positioning and all kinds of fumigation (exemption) fumigation wooden boxes, packing boxes, packing heat treatment, patent folding fumigation (exemption) fumigation pallet, vacuum packing, nitrogen, heat shrink packaging, the activity type box, iron box, box, etc. All kinds of packing we produce can export directly. We can provide the Inspection Performance List, Dangerous Goods Packing Certificate.

    Our business purpose is integrity, compliance management, customer satisfaction, creating a healthy environment and employees happy development, being together with customers, employees and creating a better future.


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Intelligent service platform for global wooden packaging.
(Provide Personalized Customized Products and Systematized Service.)

Angelic Packaging Co., Ltd is the biggest and most professional Packaging manufacturer in Eastern China, having over 19 years' experience in this line of business and currently listed in NEEQ 871696.

The company mainly produces Wooden Packaging Boxes, Dangerous Goods Packaging, Heavy-duty Equipment Packaging, and Wooden Pallets. Angelic could not only provide high quality products, but also supply solutions for our customers.

A Wooden Packaging Box is a container made of wood for storage or as a shipping container. Construction may include several types of wood, such as: SFP, Hem Fir, Douglas Fir, Plywood, etc. All of our crates can be customized to you specific requirements. Angelic Wood Packaging Boxes has been used by world widely. Contact us if you would like us to assist you with effectively designing your packing crates.

Wooden Packaging Boxes

A pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader, work saver, or other jacking device, or a crane. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped. The pallet that Angelic Packaging produced can be made to any size or shape you required and can be directly exported all over the world.


Hazardous materials or dangerous goods that are put into transportation need to be correctly packaged. With a professional qualification for packaging and transportation of dangerous goods, Angelic Packaging has passed the ISO9001 Certification of Quality System and has the Production Permission Certification of dangerous package.

Dangerous Goods Packaging

Shipping heavy machinery is no simple task. It requires the know-how to produce a solution that has the strength and durability to deliver heavy equipment without damage. If your heavy machinery needs to be packaged, we can manufacture export boxes of any size and ensure that your products reach the destination in clean, dry and perfect condition.

Heavy-duty Equipment Packaging

Iron Box Packing is made of iron materials. Iron Box Packaging are used to reduce the forest resource consumption and avoid the complex processing of wood material. The bearing capacity is better than Wooden Box Packaging and the Maximum loading capacity is 35 tons.

Iron Box Packing

Rust-proof Packaging is the packaging of certain protective measures to prevent corrosion of metal products. Anti-rust Packaging can be used on metal surfaces. The material we used can not only cut off the steel surface in contact with the atmosphere, and electrochemical plating first to protect the surface of the iron and steel products from corrosion.

Rust-proof Packaging


  • Zhangjiagang Fu Rui Special

  • Witt Elevator Steel Box

  • Weifang , Shandong

  • Samsung

  • Suzhou Park


    1. Name of packaging equipment: 120 Heat Exchanger.

    2. The net weight of each device is 11 tons, the equipment net size: 3300 * 1700 * 3280; gross weight of wooden crates: 12.6 tons.

    3. The product weight: 11000 KG.

    4. Requirements: Vacuum Packaging; all wooden packaging stack two layers in sea transportation.

    5. 8 people complete all the packaging in 15 days.

    6. According to the equipment size and transport requirements, design a wooden box drawings and packaging programs in a day.

    7.Raw material: Russian larch and Canada's spruce and domestic high-quality plywood production.


    In order to meet requirements to stack wooden crates in two layers during sea transportation, the bottom of the wooden box bearing capacity must reach more than 14 tons, which gives the weight of the wooden box to increase a lot of difficulty.

    So our designer designed the drawings and packaging programs in accordance to requirements, which is confirmed by the Germany customer. After rigorous testing on site, this box is fully compatible with the two layers of transport requirements. Full packaging of products completed on August 5 in Shanghai shipping shipment to the United States,

    German customers praise our exquisite service.

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  • Angelic Packaging Co., Ltd. listed dynamic

    In 2017, Angelic Packaging becomes a listed company. The successful establishment of Angelic Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. marks a key step towards capital market.

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